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Natural & Organic Beauty Products and Natural Skincare Products

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A Natural Tradition for over 40 Years
All Aubrey Organics® natural beauty products are all-natural with no synthetic petrochemicals of any kind which makes them the ideal choice for those looking for natural skincare products at an affordable price.
QAI Certified Organic Processor
In 1994 Aubrey Organics became the first personal care manufacturer to be certified as an organic processor by Quality Assurance International of San Diego, California. This means that their factory - where they create the products - is regularly inspected and certified as a manufacturing facility where organic ingredients are handled according to standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program. They buy only the purest natural and organic ingredients from fair trade sources, and use them in handcrafted, all-natural products that are good for you and good for the Earth. It is this commitment that has made Aubrey Organics the finest hair, skin and body care products manufacturer and an industry leader with an impressive list of "firsts."
Natural is Better for Your Hair & Skin
Long term effects of harsh synthetic chemicals on the body and the environment are still unknown which is why we are committed to using natural ingredients to produce our natural beauty products that have a proven track record of safety and efficacy.
The Most Complete Body Care Line
Aubrey offers the most extensive hair, skin and body care line in the natural skincare products and natural hair care products industry-something for the entire family!
Environmentally Safe Products
Aubrey products are safe for the environment because they don't introduce synthetic petrochemicals into the air, land or water-they are completely biodegradable and use recyclable (HDPE) plastic bottles in their packaging.
World Herbal Traditions
Aubrey purchase herbal ingredients for fair market value around the world and use them in all-natural formulas, the most sustainable and ethical use of these fine ingredients.
Handcrafted Products
Aubrey products are handmade in quantities of gallons or less-by people instead of machines and formulated in small batches for the freshest product possible.
Affordable Quality
At Aubrey Organics® they believe a product is only as good as its ingredients that's why they source only the highest quality natural and certified organic ingredients to bring you the finest all-natural products at the best price!
No Animal Testing
Aubrey do not test on animals nor accept animal testing data as proof of an ingredient's safety or effectiveness